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- yoga surrounded by animals

 - floating in silk hammocks

 - paint 'n sip classes at sunset

 - luxurious wellness retreats

 - spending time with wise & intuitive animals

At this venue we are spoilt for choice with our bright and airy yoga studio and lots of magical locations around the farm to enjoy.  

Experience the magic of...

AT the Farm

We specialise in fun, therapeutic farm based experiences and capacity building experiences for people with disabilities, social anxiety and mental health concerns.

Here at the farm, we have made it our mission to create a safe and relaxing environment, so that our guests and clients feel comfortable and at ease.

Our interactive and hands-on experiences allow our clients to enjoy a taste of country living, to breathe the fresh air, fostering independence, strengthening communication skills, social interaction and create a sense of responsibility and connection. 



Currently offering Thursday & Friday Private or semi-Private sessions


"Every single women needs to be nurtured like this... an experience like no other" 

Fancy retreats are not just for celebrities! 
Experience all the luxury on our 1, 2 & 3 day retreats... Yoga/Qigong/Pilates , massage, accupuncture, reiki, infrared sauna, nourishing food, guest practitioners, sound healing and our exclusive floating meditation.
Tickets are limited as we like to keep it intimate so every guest is supremely looked after and nurtured.



What's coming up?


Reward your team, celebrate the end of a great year or just help your staff unwind and relax. 

Summer Soirée? 
Paddock Picnic?
Paint and Sip? 
Your very own health retreat to reward your staff

Let our events co-ordinator design your perfect day,
night, baby shower or hens nights, lets chat!


Corporate & Group

Coming up

There is always something happening at Cabarita Beach Farm... 

New Baby calves that need feeding, chicks hatching, cool and unqiue public events and retreats on offer. 

Let's be email friends so you don't miss out on anything! 

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Buy a retreat gift voucher for your Mum, Wife or loved one... or reward your hardworking staff, acknowledge awesome work on a project or give it "just because"